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The QT columnists

In Africa chasing Chinese

They told us that to survive in the new millennium it would no longer be enough to know only English, and that Chinese and Arabic were the languages ​​of the future for those who wanted to do business at certain levels….

Jacopo Angri, #controturismo
PalaVela: a new venue or a new business model?

Nothing is permanent, except the change (Heraclitus). In recent times, we have often talked about change and innovation in terms of business approach, marketing strategies, technology or resource management. And actually…

Ilenia La Leggia, #face2face
Lend me your bids

Bids are a very topical issue that will be dealt with by Digital Mice on September 13th at a roundtable discussion, which will surely get to be exciting and will be attended by: Alberto Cassone, owner of Alpha Omega Grou…

Marco Garavaglia, #impressions
Looking for savings? That’s where you should NOT go

I’ve picked up a typical summer theme for this latest pre-holiday article of my blog. This is amazing and funny, useful for both the Mice (especially incentive) and leisure. It’s the 2017 Beach Prize Index, made by Trave…

Stefano Ferri, #MICEdetective

Un direttore serafico

The expert friends

5 things that hotels could take from Airbnb

Airbnb is perhaps the portal which gets to be most hated by hoteliers: it is cyclically accused of unfair competition as well as of competing with the hotels without being subject to their rules and of facilitating unreg…

Domenico Palladino, #hoteltips
CIAK: The Tavolara Cinema Festival as a benchmark

I’m having coffee in the small square of Porto San Paolo (Olbia) in front of Tavolara island with Piera Detassis, journalist, essayist, film critic, editor in chief of the monthly Ciak, since 1991 artistic director of th…

Olimpia Ponno, #PlannerTips
Safety in numbers (and integration)

From a recent research by eRevMax, a multinational market intelligence company, Booking.com is reconfirmed as the preferred booking channel in Europe. Only in Germany is HRS ranked first. The second news is that from the…

Vinicio Borsi, #DigitalStrategist
Profitability of a hotel restaurant

A recent survey carried out on a large scale at EXPO Milano 2015 by Horwath HTL has highlighted the clear trend in international demand not to prefer the restaurant of the hotel when it comes to a holiday in Italy. The r…

Giorgio Ribaudo, #Hotels&Numbers


Love your event. And your customer will love it.

What remains of an event when lights and spotlights go off, when the mixer lays down the leds and the loudspeakers shut, when the director takes off headphones and microphone and goes away? What has an agency built? What…

Fabrizio Mezzo, #MeetingConvention
Taking care of others: the new frontier of team building

Taking care of others is the new revolution according to Naomi Klein, the author of the many-years-ago best seller “No logo”. Now, in her new book, “No is not enough”, she supports this new thesis. There are people in It…

Maria Luisa Ciccone, #IncentiveMotivation
FLOREtina2017 brings 3D Live Surgery to AIM Group’s Services for the First Time!

After a very successful first edition of the FLOREtina meeting in 2015, the City of Florence was delighted to welcome the second edition of the international conference. Even more delighted was the AIM Group Florence Off…

Patrizia Buongiorno, #healthcarecongress
IPW: one big welcome to and from the US Tourism fair

IPW is an acronym adding “International” to the word Pow-Wow, the annual socio-cultural gathering of Native American tribes to claim their traditions. Today, IPW is the only official meeting of the US tourist offer syste…

Fabrizio Cantella, #exhibition


Nessun video sponsorizzato

Mice and surroundings

Trends and figures about global business travel

As June went by, we stepped into 2017 second semester. But before we start our summer vacations, it’s time to stop and look at what business travel is doing and where is heading to right now. As highlighted in Advito’s I…

Simona Zenoni, #BusinessTravel
Luxury is… showing up among thousands of flowers at Orticolario

«Soaring, lightening up, going further – beyond the boundaries of gardening, beyond those branches of Lake Como, beyond the Earth. Up to the moon, to watch our planet from up there. Free to overcome the boundaries of for…

Elisa Dal Bosco, #luxuryliving
Events with salt scent in the Conti Vecchi Saline in Cagliari

Today I tell you a beautiful story. Foto Valentina Pasolini_2017 – (C) FAI – Fondo Ambiente Italiano Until the beginning of the twentieth century, the Pond of Santa Gilla at the gates of Cagliari was a swamp infested wit…

Angelika Bartholomäi, #sustainability
A pre-wedding party at Court… “Corte Noa in Sardinia”

Today we are in Pula on the southern coast of Sardinia, half an hour from Cagliari and Chia. In front of us we can admire the wonderful ruins of Nora, the Roman harbour, the characteristic lagoon and the natural landscap…

Morena Rombolà, #WeddinginItaly