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The QT columnists

Digital Economy Forum: digitization and industry 4.0

It is not easy comprising in an editorial what happened at the “Digital Economy Forum. Now is Next” which was held in Milan on March 22. Let’s start with the figures: over 4,600 participants in the conference room tailor…

Jacopo Angri, #controturismo
What did I learn from my latest business game?

Only variety destroys variety, states Ashby’s principle of requisite variety. According to Ashby, to manage a complex system you need at least its same complexity. Now, if we make one step forward and turn our gaze to th…

Ilenia La Leggia, #face2face
Vanity is metric (i.e.: fans and likes are just crap – here are the five KPIs that really count)

Last week we talked of the electrochemical reactions activated by our brain as we interact with social media, and of how we can take advantage of these mechanisms through very brand engagement-oriented communication camp…

Marco Garavaglia, #impressions
What buyers want

Buyers like to talk about objectives and outcomes from their events, and where possible be able to measure and evaluate these.  But these are not always quantitative results. Paul Revel, editor of the UK title  Buying Bu…

Stefano Ferri, #MICEdetective

TG 3 Minuti

The expert friends

5 things that hotels could take from Airbnb

Airbnb is perhaps the portal which gets to be most hated by hoteliers: it is cyclically accused of unfair competition as well as of competing with the hotels without being subject to their rules and of facilitating unreg…

Domenico Palladino, #hoteltips
Tasteful requests: I want to, but I can’t

It’s high time we made food quality standards in the meetings & events industry binding and shared. After all, as we know, 70% of the success of an event – be it a convention, an educational course, a fam trip, a wed…

Olimpia Ponno, #PlannerTips
Hotels and IT in the era of big data

Information technology – as I stated at the end of my latest article – plays now a leading role in hotel management. Especially the use of big data is revolutionizing hotel reservations. Once just a register was needed t…

Vinicio Borsi, #DigitalStrategist
Profitability of a hotel restaurant

A recent survey carried out on a large scale at EXPO Milano 2015 by Horwath HTL has highlighted the clear trend in international demand not to prefer the restaurant of the hotel when it comes to a holiday in Italy. The r…

Giorgio Ribaudo, #Hotels&Numbers


Hostage of the events

For once let me translate the word “event” according to its etymology – I will use it just to express “what happens”. Given that I think it is an event (maybe it’s just a feeling, but on Google I find more than a confirm…

Fabrizio Mezzo, #MeetingConvention
Manage your energy

I’ve recently read an article in the Harvard Business Review titled Manage your energy, not your time, that caught my curiosity. Energy has insistently returned as a topic in my life in recent times. I think that a vital…

Maria Luisa Ciccone, #IncentiveMotivation
How can your congress expand its global reach? 12 actions to take

Delegate registration revenue typically represents 30-50% of the overall revenue of an international conference and the presence of a rich, diversified, and qualified base of delegates is critical to the entire success o…

Patrizia Buongiorno, #healthcarecongress
Exhibition vouchers really enhancing participation in trade fairs in Italy and abroad.

Many Italian Regions and Chambers of Commerce issued a “Call for exhibition vouchers” to support export and promotion strategies of local businesses, encouraging greater participation in trade fairs in Italy and abroad,…

Fabrizio Cantella, #exhibition


Nessun video sponsorizzato

Mice and surroundings

Traveler Engagement can’t wait

While the idea of traveler engagement has been around for years, only a few Travel Managers have adopted it. I’m not certainly saying that we have to do something to engage our travelers just because we have to be cool a…

Simona Zenoni, #BusinessTravel
The real luxury in the heart of Milan: 40 Michelin stars in the Galleria

The Ottagono Restaurant & Lounge, located within the TownHouse Galleria, in the prestigious setting of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan, has launched the ambitious “40 stars in the Galleria” project, altern…

Elisa Dal Bosco, #luxuryliving
Villa dei Vescovi: the lady of the Euganean Hills

© Mauro Ranzani Whenever I approach this villa, the image of a strong and beautiful, majestic and ageless lady looking from her hill at the landscape that surrounds it and belongs to it, revives in me. It maybe just my i…

Angelika Bartholomäi, #sustainability
A Canadian WP among the Abruzzesi villages

Have you ever found yourself in a town so stunning that you look around in awe and amazement asking yourself “what’s the name of this place?” worried that you might forget such an important detail when wanting to tell yo…

Morena Rombolà, #WeddinginItaly