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The QT columnists

Invest in trade magazines

Yes I know, this title sounds a bit self-referential, but I’d just like to bring my personal experience as an investor in online advertising campaigns, whether they relate to social media, SEO & SEM or web marketing….

Jacopo Angri, #controturismo
Brand ambassadors or rather co-creators?

Content, content and yet more content – but also people, resources and corporate social responsibility. In short: substance. We’re talking about it extensively and in all possible ways, “smoke and mirrors” no longer work…

Ilenia La Leggia, #face2face
Italian, migrants again

My eldest daughter, twenty-five, who since more than a year lives and works in Peru, regularly asks me to send parcels with parmesan and pecorino cheese, coffee, gianduiotti chocolates and nougat; in short, something typ…

Giulio Carloni, #MadeinItaly
Trends in today’s markets for meetings and events – part 2

Here I am again with the second part of the speech about nowadays trends in the meetings industry held by Rob Davidson at the Vilnius-based exhibition Convene. The incentive market Incentive budgets overall have increase…

Stefano Ferri, #MICEdetective

TG 3 Minuti

The expert friends

5 things that hotels could take from Airbnb

Airbnb is perhaps the portal which gets to be most hated by hoteliers: it is cyclically accused of unfair competition as well as of competing with the hotels without being subject to their rules and of facilitating unreg…

Domenico Palladino, #hoteltips
Tasteful requests: I want to, but I can’t

It’s high time we made food quality standards in the meetings & events industry binding and shared. After all, as we know, 70% of the success of an event – be it a convention, an educational course, a fam trip, a wed…

Olimpia Ponno, #PlannerTips
Hotels and IT in the era of big data

Information technology – as I stated at the end of my latest article – plays now a leading role in hotel management. Especially the use of big data is revolutionizing hotel reservations. Once just a register was needed t…

Vinicio Borsi, #DigitalStrategist
Profitability of a hotel restaurant

A recent survey carried out on a large scale at EXPO Milano 2015 by Horwath HTL has highlighted the clear trend in international demand not to prefer the restaurant of the hotel when it comes to a holiday in Italy. The r…

Giorgio Ribaudo, #Hotels&Numbers


Right to privacy: when it begins and ends

The world of cybersecurity is in alarm. Unconfirmed reports tell of a project aimed at removing free citizens’ right to privacy on public events’ online registration. It’s a tough thing. If I register to an event, does t…

Fabrizio Mezzo, #MeetingConvention
It takes passion (and the help of a good coach)

Why do we happen to meet enthusiastic and positive people, carrying out their activities with joy and an enduring smile? Some speak of “meraki”, an untranslatable Greek word meaning “Put your soul, your creativity and yo…

Maria Luisa Ciccone, #IncentiveMotivation
SIAARTI App, a Story of Digital Innovation

Mobile apps in MICE industry are becoming fundamental to increase engagement during events, congresses and conventions. Years by years companies are investing time and money to find the next evolution and ride the waves…

Patrizia Buongiorno, #healthcarecongress
Resolutions for the new year.

It is necessary to begin the new year with good intentions, or at least a program of priority activities mediating between private and working life or, better still, between philosophy of life and daily practice. Spendin…

Fabrizio Cantella, #exhibition


Nessun video sponsorizzato

Mice and surroundings

Business Travel and Mice: closer and closer to the future together

In my last post we took a look at forecast, figures and trends between 2016 and 2017. Let’s deepen it – taking a little step out of business travel little garden for once – and trying to draw business travel and mice ind…

Simona Zenoni, #BusinessTravel
The real Luxury smells of Cinema: Villa Frua, a Family and a History at the side of Lake Maggiore

For some years (from 2015 to be precise) an exciting relationship started between Villa Frua and Italian cinematography. The elegance of its halls was the setting not only for splendid corporate events, shooting of adver…

Elisa Dal Bosco, #luxuryliving
Give your events a sea flavour at San Fruttuoso Abbey

The colours of the sea fill your eyes and soul, the perfume opens your lungs, the wind ruffles your hair happily and salt gets inside the skin warmed by the sun. The light, reflected from the water, forces you to squint…

Angelika Bartholomäi, #sustainability
A Canadian WP among the Abruzzesi villages

Have you ever found yourself in a town so stunning that you look around in awe and amazement asking yourself “what’s the name of this place?” worried that you might forget such an important detail when wanting to tell yo…

Morena Rombolà, #WeddinginItaly