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The QT columnists

Calenda plan vs Franceschini plan

In the run-up to digital, tourism is light years ahead compared to the Italian manufacturing industries, mostly forced to recover the delays separating them from the European competitors. Calenda plan for national indust…

Jacopo Angri, #controturismo
How much does burnout cost to companies?

May is turning to end and for those involved in the events industry it is absolutely one of the toughest months: last second and/or unlikely requests, cross-references and so urgent tasks as to be scheduled for yesterday…

Ilenia La Leggia, #face2face
Fake news: antibodies are needed to debug them

Truth has been a topic of discussion for centuries. Is there really a “true” truth? Protagoras himself – a pre-Socratic philosopher of the 5th century BC – with his “man as the measure of all things”, had realized that t…

Marco Garavaglia, #impressions
UIA and ICCA rankings: just tell me

Now please tell me how an analyst, an operator, an investor, anyone who wants to get an idea of ​​the value of the associative congress market should behave. Last week, UIA (the union of international associations – noth…

Stefano Ferri, #MICEdetective

Un direttore serafico

The expert friends

5 things that hotels could take from Airbnb

Airbnb is perhaps the portal which gets to be most hated by hoteliers: it is cyclically accused of unfair competition as well as of competing with the hotels without being subject to their rules and of facilitating unreg…

Domenico Palladino, #hoteltips
Quotations: what a fright!

Finally something gets on its way! I take inspiration from the bold and exciting initiative “Gare Chiare”, which I fully share, promoted by 23 communication and event agencies in Italy, to extend the thing to all represe…

Olimpia Ponno, #PlannerTips
Communication: looking for ethics

Psychologist Raymond Nickerson defines the “Confirmation bias” as follows: the research or interpretation of evidence so that it turns conducive to existing beliefs, expectations or assumptions of the interpreting subjec…

Vinicio Borsi, #DigitalStrategist
Profitability of a hotel restaurant

A recent survey carried out on a large scale at EXPO Milano 2015 by Horwath HTL has highlighted the clear trend in international demand not to prefer the restaurant of the hotel when it comes to a holiday in Italy. The r…

Giorgio Ribaudo, #Hotels&Numbers


Robots replacing men in factories – and in the events?

You are an event manager. You’ve just received a brief from a customer and you have a list of inquiries to check out. All mandatory. All paramount. All must-have. Now imagine you are organizing that event and you can do…

Fabrizio Mezzo, #MeetingConvention
Let’s learn to breathe

It is known that event organizing is considered a wonderful profession, but at the same time a source of extreme stress. We certainly don’t believe it is within the ten most stressful jobs, though CarrerCast, an American…

Maria Luisa Ciccone, #IncentiveMotivation
What is the true value of a PCO today?

This is the question that often our customers ask us when we face a large board to present our services and our solutions. It’s a direct and insidious question forcing us to think about what we are really able to offer i…

Patrizia Buongiorno, #healthcarecongress
IPW: one big welcome to and from the US Tourism fair

IPW is an acronym adding “International” to the word Pow-Wow, the annual socio-cultural gathering of Native American tribes to claim their traditions. Today, IPW is the only official meeting of the US tourist offer syste…

Fabrizio Cantella, #exhibition


Nessun video sponsorizzato

Mice and surroundings

Procurement and business travel: the good measure in Procurement activities

Last time we introduced our matrix regarding different not-related-to-core-business purchasing activities’ impact on Procurement Offices and their everyday work. Today we are focusing on travel positioning. In the matrix…

Simona Zenoni, #BusinessTravel
Discovering a Relais in the hills of Montegridolfo

Sometimes spending a weekend away or organizing a business event in a magnificent place, pampered by the rolling hills between Romagna and Marche, where even time stops, gives a different and original luxury tone. The Re…

Elisa Dal Bosco, #luxuryliving
An enchanted wood for your events in central Italy

Many are the woods, but only few are equipped with all the comfort that visitors seek and protected from the crowds dropping in for a quick picnic and leaving behind any garbage. On the contrary, at St. Francis’ wood in…

Angelika Bartholomäi, #sustainability
The real wedding jewish in Rome, in the heart of Ghetto

I discovered this restaurant during one of my downtown Rome evening walks. The ghetto recalls in me emotions lived only through the books of history and it is always nice to see what the culinary tradition of this place…

Morena Rombolà, #WeddinginItaly